Tasca 1/35 Luchs (late)

I was looking for info regarding where the fire extinguisher was stowed on the vehicle when I found a website showing someone else’s build of this kit. In it the builder had come across a problem with the Fruil white metal sprockets as they force the track out beyond the fender edges like this; ToContinue reading “Tasca 1/35 Luchs (late)”

Tasca 1/35 Luchs (late)

When I bought the kit few years ago I also got some Fruil white metal tracks as they would look better than the ‘rubber band’ ones supplied. Fruil tracks are good but are very tedious to do as you need to drill out the holes in each link; Because I work night shift through theContinue reading “Tasca 1/35 Luchs (late)”

Tasca 1/35 Luchs (late)

Sooooo….although I was going to start decalling the Tamiya Jagermeister Porsche tonight I got side tracked by the Tasca Luchs (typically) and finished sticking bits to the turret and assembled the white metal drive sprockets; The main gun requires sanding at the rear as it is too big and why it is not fitted. TheContinue reading “Tasca 1/35 Luchs (late)”

Things you find when looking for something else (part 2 of an ongoing series)

Looking through the stash for something else (again!) I found this Tasca 1/35 Luchs that I had started a few years ago; Apart from the last few bits to stick on the turret I had virtually completed building the kit when I lost interest and put it to one side. I think at the timeContinue reading “Things you find when looking for something else (part 2 of an ongoing series)”

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