Miniart 1/35 tow truck AA type

That’s another finished for The Modelling News; There will be better pictures on The Modelling News as these two images were taken with my phone. For some reason I can’t control the depth of field so that’s why the model is a bit blurred either end. Anyway it’s done and that makes the count forContinue reading “Miniart 1/35 tow truck AA type”

Miniart 1/35 tow truck AA type

Now that the L1500S cargo truck is done, my attention now goes to getting this one finished; So far it has had a thinned black/brown mix sprayed onto the chassis, wheels and lower surfaces of the cab and crane followed by a light overspray of Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan. At the moment I’m applying variousContinue reading “Miniart 1/35 tow truck AA type”

Busy weekend

I started spraying the ICM BM-13-16 and Miniart tow truck AA type today as they both have 4BO paint on them. I wasn’t really looking forward to the BM-13-16 as a model that size usually takes ages to spray, however I got a Fengda FE-130K earlier this week and needed something to try it onContinue reading “Busy weekend”

Miniart 1/35 tow truck AA type

The build is now finished so the model will be sprayed with a black basecoat before the top colour goes on; Not the easiest of builds I must say and if you are looking for a quick model to build then choose something else. That is not to say it’s an awful kit, far fromContinue reading “Miniart 1/35 tow truck AA type”

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