Meng T-90- Close but no cigar for 2014

Well I NEARLY got something finished for 2014 lol! At least the T-90 now has the tracks on and just needs a few things doing here and there and then I can call it done; I hope that the photo’s I’ve posted have been of help to others building the Meng T-90, obviously there areContinue reading “Meng T-90- Close but no cigar for 2014”

Meng T-90-Starting the weathering

The oil paint process worked in a fashion but I was’nt entirely happy as the white spirit was dragging off the acrylic matt varnish plus I’ve altered the sand colour too much in places, anyway it’s onto the pigments and to begin with I’ve given the whole model a dusty look with Mig’s ‘Dry Mud’;Continue reading “Meng T-90-Starting the weathering”

Meng T-90-Back to it

After the decal issue with the Eduard Albatros I’ve decided to rescue the T-90 from the Shelf-of-Doom instead. I got as far as the intial wash of dark brown and matt varnishing but that’s where the build stalled earlier this year so after seeing the beautiful T-90 by Abilio Grajera it gave me an incentiveContinue reading “Meng T-90-Back to it”

Meng T-90; The weathering starts here

Here we go with everyones favourite part of modeling, the weathering (well it’s my favourite bit anyway).Initially I’ve applied a pin wash of Mig Productions Dark Brown wash into all the recesses and streaked some down the vertical surfaces, after which when it’s dry the model will get a couple of coats of matt varnishContinue reading “Meng T-90; The weathering starts here”

Meng T-90-Paints on!

I managed to finally get some paint on the model after priming it last week. The base coat is a 50/50 mix of (rather ironically)  XF-67 Nato Green and XF-61 Dark Green and the sand camouflage is XF-57 Buff with some XF-2 White thrown in. The sand looks patchy because I have’nt finished it yetContinue reading “Meng T-90-Paints on!”

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