Masterbox zombie figures

I was’nt really happy with the biker chick so I decided to replace the head with a Hornet one of a bald female, the only trouble is the Hornet head looks a bit too masculine and unfortunately there is’nt much choice in 1/35 of female heads.After the original head was removed I needed something toContinue reading “Masterbox zombie figures”

Masterbox Zombie figures

I’m still at a crossroads with the hobby especially after the latest disaster with the Airfix C-47 and I’m very wary of starting another build until I get back my ability and/or confidence to airbrush models. I’m still capable (I think) of using a brush to paint with so I’ve come back to this setContinue reading “Masterbox Zombie figures”

Masterbox zombies (pt 5)

The figures are more or less built, I still have to add the coat tails from Magic Sculpt to the rider but it gives an idea of what I’ve done so far; The rider figure took some chopping to get the ‘sit’ right as it was looking down toward the ground so there’s a fewContinue reading “Masterbox zombies (pt 5)”

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