S-3B Viking finally finished

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally finished. I actually started this project back in 2006 but with the amount of work it was going to need I soon got bored and the project stalled until the middle of last year when I felt the need to finish it. So here it is,Continue reading “S-3B Viking finally finished”

S-3 Viking

As you will recall I had some issues with the large decals breaking on the fin and upper fuselage walkway. The lightning bolt decal was more problematical as the black fin showed through in places plus it would’nt conform to the top (which I knew would be an issue).To seal the decal I sprayed theContinue reading “S-3 Viking”

S-3 Viking; Decals are on

I’ve managed to get the decals on the model yesterday evening and this morning and even these decided to put up a fight. The smaller decals were OK to apply (apart from folding up on themselves a few times) but the main decals for the fin and upper fuselage broke into a couple or moreContinue reading “S-3 Viking; Decals are on”

S-3 Viking and E-50 Heimdall

Happy new year people! First post for 2017 and although I’m still plugging away at the S-3 Viking and E-50 I needed a new chair which will be kinder to my fat arse when spending time at the model bench as I am hoping to get more done this year; First up is the E-50Continue reading “S-3 Viking and E-50 Heimdall”

S-3 Viking and Trumpeter E-50 with Heimdall turret

I’m still not happy with the join at the wing root so I’ve filled it again; Instead of using Mr Surfacer 1000 I’ve gone for the 500 grade stuff as it’s thicker so *hopefully* the join will disappear when sanded down.The E-50 has been touched up here and there and I’ve decided on utilising theContinue reading “S-3 Viking and Trumpeter E-50 with Heimdall turret”

S-3 Viking

Further to the mini-disaster with the port wing breaking away from the fuselage, the joint has been filled, sanded, sprayed with primer, filled again, sanded and finally resprayed with primer; And after all that there is STILL a bloody visible line in the joint so another rethink is required about carrying on with it. TheContinue reading “S-3 Viking”

S-3 Viking

Wow more progress! Today was spent fitting the engine pods to the wings, spraying the canopy interior with Tamiya X-19 Smoke (the real aircraft had quite a heavy tint) and making better fairings for the windscreen wipers.The engine pylons had the locating peg cut down substantially as the indents in the Wolfpack wings are veryContinue reading “S-3 Viking”

S-3 Viking

I’ve had enough of detailing the main gear bays and it’s time to get moving with this build so tonight I’ve started to glue the inner Wolfpack wings to the fuselage. As they are quite a big chunk of resin I’m using a two-part epoxy resin glue for strength as for something this heavy IContinue reading “S-3 Viking”


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