Albatros update-that’s all folks!

I attempted to put the decals on today but they broke up after being in the water; I also inadvertantly ripped off half of one of the underwing crosses while handling the model so I removed the other cross before it set.So that’s that for my attempt to finish something before the year ends asContinue reading “Albatros update-that’s all folks!”

Another Albatros update

I painted the undersides with a 1:1 of Tamiya XF-23 and XF-2 then masked off the wing ribs with tape cut into 1mm wide strips; I  lightened the mix again and sprayed in between the ribs then removed the tape; Hopefully it gives the effect of  fabric stretched over wing ribs (it looks better thanContinue reading “Another Albatros update”

With 13 days to go until 2015….

It’s become painfully obvious that I have not finished a THING this year, in fact the last model I did finish was back in November 2013 (the Spanish Civil War T-26). This has been due mainly to work being done on the house, full time employment and random bouts of apathy, so in a (quiteContinue reading “With 13 days to go until 2015….”

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