S-3 Viking, E-50 with Heimdall turret and Jagdtiger

The S-3 has got some paint on it at last! YAY!; The base coat is Mr Hobby FS26375 (2 at the front because it’s semi-gloss). I was aiming for a patchy effect as this aircraft will be weathered, the fin is masked off as this will stay in the black primer along with the cockpitContinue reading “S-3 Viking, E-50 with Heimdall turret and Jagdtiger”

S-3 Viking and E-50 Heimdall

Happy new year people! First post for 2017 and although I’m still plugging away at the S-3 Viking and E-50 I needed a new chair which will be kinder to my fat arse when spending time at the model bench as I am hoping to get more done this year; First up is the E-50Continue reading “S-3 Viking and E-50 Heimdall”

Trumpeter E-50 with Heimdall turret

I’ve started painting the E-50 after giving it a coat of primer;  The base coat is a mix of Tamiya olive green, cockpit green, yellow and white but please don’t ask what the ratios were as it was just all mixed in until I achieved the shade of green I wanted. The darker green wasContinue reading “Trumpeter E-50 with Heimdall turret”

Trumpeter E-50 with Heimdall turret

Since the last update I tweaked the model a bit by removing the front mudguards altogether, adding spare track links to the turret side and scratch building an anti-aircraft gun mount and adding it to the engine deck. I managed to get a coat of black primer on the model so with a bit ofContinue reading “Trumpeter E-50 with Heimdall turret”

Trumpeter E-50

After fitting the Heimdall turret it soon became apparent that with the mods done to the engine deck the turret would’nt turn completely…BUGGER!SO the two plates over the front grills needed altering for a start and this was done using a compass cutter, making a mark where the turret collided with the plates beforehand. TheContinue reading “Trumpeter E-50”

Trumpeter E-50 with Heimdall turret

The construction is now finished apart from adding the tow cables and this will be done after painting, a lesson learned after the E-25 as I managed to get metallic powder all over the sides of the model and it was a bugger to remove. Anyway the E-50 will get a clean down in preparationContinue reading “Trumpeter E-50 with Heimdall turret”

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