Adventures in Plastic 1/72 Mole

That’s number four finished! Adventures in Plastic/ Aoshima’s Mole from Thunderbirds; It’s near enough to the finish on the studio models from the original TV series so it will do for me. The only thing is one of curved pieces on the right of the framework has broke for some unexplained reason; I have aContinue reading “Adventures in Plastic 1/72 Mole”

How I spent a Saturday afternoon…

By being quite busy actually! I got an old Matchbox 1/72 English Electric Lightning F.6 out of a box with my other ‘to-do’ stuff with a view to spraying it with Tamiya AS-11. Unfortunately it (A) started raining and (B) I noticed gaps in the wing roots so these were filled with Milliput, smoothed outContinue reading “How I spent a Saturday afternoon…”

Italeri 1/35 T-34/85 and Thunderbirds Mole

I’ve just finished spraying the base coats for both of these models; The Mole was sprayed with a mix of Tamiya XF-18 Medium Blue and XF-24 Dark Grey while the T-34/85 was sprayed with AK RC073 Protective 4BO. After spraying the AK paint I added some Tamiya XF-15 Flesh into the mix and sprayed itContinue reading “Italeri 1/35 T-34/85 and Thunderbirds Mole”

On the bench at the moment

On this block of days off from work I’ve been trying to get a few projects closer to finishing; From the top we have the Italeri 1/35 T-34/85 ‘Korean War’, below that is the Adventures In Plastic (ex Imai/ex Aoshima Mole from Thunderbirds, to the right is the fuselage of the ICM 1/48 O-2A (lateContinue reading “On the bench at the moment”

Base coat day

Seeing that I was spraying the Italeri T-34/85 today with a black base coat, I did the Thunderbirds Mole as well and managed to do it JUST before a rain shower. The Mole also had the body sprayed white as this will be yellow and the drill was sprayed with Tamiya AS-12. The Tamiya sprayContinue reading “Base coat day”

Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole

I’ve cast the resin inserts for the back of the wheels and glued them in place along with 6.3mm dia tube to beef up the axles; These are not ‘professional’ by any standard but they are good enough for me and once I’ve attended to a couple of issues on the drill body, I canContinue reading “Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole”

Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole

Just one more job remained before I can start painting it and that was to make resin copies of the front of a wheel so that I can fill the hollow space at the back of them; With the mould made and using a length of tube to cover the centre of the wheel, IContinue reading “Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole”

Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole

Work has been proceeding at a good rate today to the point that the model is virtually built. In the two following pictures the drill and body have not been glued into place and the wheels are loose on the axles as the rubber band tracks are pulling the first and fourth wheels outward howeverContinue reading “Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole”

Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole

I finished making another crawler track as my original plan was to make one and mould it in resin however it is highly unlikely I will build another Mole so it was easier just to make one. Woth that I fitted both tracks to the Mole body and closed it up; Next to build wasContinue reading “Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole”

Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole

After blocking off the interior I sprayed it black and getting close to joining the body together. Although I’ ve added extra pins to stretch the crawler track rubber bands I’m not that happy with them so went to plan B. This involved making new tracks so I cut a strip of .010thou plastic sheetContinue reading “Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole”


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