Matchbox 1/72 Lightning F.6

After a lot of tweaking and rescribing I’ve finally got the fuselage together and the wings on. The rear fuselage needed some filling and sanding due to the poor fit of the tail ring but looks much better now, the ejection seat was painted then glued into place along with the canopy and hopefully I’llContinue reading “Matchbox 1/72 Lightning F.6”

Matchbox 1/72 Lightning F6

The initial idea was to put this together as a trip down memory lane but I started adding details that Matchbox missed because I just couldn’t help myself. Starting with the fuselage there are quite a few vent holes and air intakes missing so these were added using various thicknesses of styrene sheet and theContinue reading “Matchbox 1/72 Lightning F6”


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