ICM 1/48 O-2A Skymaster (late production)

That’s a wrap for this one and the 2nd part of the article detailing the finish will appear on The Modelling News soon Not a bad kit really but I’m not that happy with the overall finish as there are specks of dust on the insides of the cabin glazing and I had an issueContinue reading “ICM 1/48 O-2A Skymaster (late production)”

ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)

Despite the very warm weather here in the UK at the moment, I managed to finish spraying the O-2 and it is now ready for gloss varnishing. The grey needed a very light sanding as some areas dried to a gritty finish, once done the model was resprayed but with the addition of Tamiya lacquerContinue reading “ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)”

ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)

I sprayed the model with a base coat of Tamiya LP-3 from their lacquer range today and even on quite a warm day here in the UK it sprayed very nicely; The base coat threw up a couple of small issues such as the fit of the windscreen and the joint down the centre ofContinue reading “ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)”

ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)

I’ve added some detail to the interior such as the obvious bits like the throttle, flaps and undercarriage levers, some rectangular box on the side of centre console of the instrument panel and the ballistic padding. Also I filled in the holes in the floor for the co-pilot’s seat as it should be further back.Continue reading “ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)”

ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)

I’ve just made a start on the O-2 as this will be a build review for The Modelling News. So far I have the main cockpit bits together and they just need painting. First I will add the ballistic padded material that is seen on interior pics of the O-2A and for this I willContinue reading “ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)”


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