Trumpeter 1/35 SA-6 ‘Gainful’

After much test fitting, grinding and some minor repairs, I’ve managed to fit the scratchbuilt cabin into the SP Designs hull; I had to get the Dremel out again as the SP Designs hull features some angles and blocks that needed removing before the cabin would sit properly; I also seperated the sides of theContinue reading “Trumpeter 1/35 SA-6 ‘Gainful’”

Trumpeter 1/35 SA-6 ‘Gainful’

Even though I have the Italeri T-34/85 and ICM O-2A still on the bench I’ve been giving some thought about how to get the scratchbuilt interior out of the Trumpeter hull without destroying it or having to redo it all. Eventually I decided to chop the Trumpeter hull; Then, using a grinding attachment on aContinue reading “Trumpeter 1/35 SA-6 ‘Gainful’”

Trumpeter 1/35 SA-6 ‘Gainful’

Early last year I made a start on this kit with a view to contributing to an Anti-Aircraft Defence group build that was due to finish last Christmas. Obviously that deadline came and went as this model was shelved because I was doing a build review of the ICM 1/48 Dornier 217J 1/2 for TheContinue reading “Trumpeter 1/35 SA-6 ‘Gainful’”

Trumpeter 1/35 SA-6 Gainful

After chopping the hull, extending it, filling it and sanding it I was going to just leave it all closed up and get on with the build however I had always fancied detailing the interior when I bought it originally.I got the WWP book on the SA-6 a while back and it is useful butContinue reading “Trumpeter 1/35 SA-6 Gainful”


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