Miniart Personenwagen Typ 170V

The model has been painted and just needs the decals applying before the weathering phase and I’ve used Mr Hobby paint for this as I did’nt want any of the ‘graining’ and roughness that I’ve experienced with Tamiya acrylics of late.After undercoating with Games Workshop Chaos Black I sprayed the green first a couple ofContinue reading “Miniart Personenwagen Typ 170V”

Miniart 1/35 Personenwagen Typ 170V

The model is getting near the stage where I need to throw some paint on it so it will be left in three sub-assemblies. I only have some minor parts to stick on then it will be given a wash down in warm soapy water prior to painting; The bonnet (or hood for my AmericanContinue reading “Miniart 1/35 Personenwagen Typ 170V”

Miniart 1/35 Personenwagen Typ 170V Saloon

I picked this kit up a few weeks ago as the colour scheme on the box sold it immediately. I like the 1930’s cars but all the chrome bits on them put me off as it’s very difficult to replicate without it just looking like silver paint so seeing this vehicle in this particular schemeContinue reading “Miniart 1/35 Personenwagen Typ 170V Saloon”


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