AMT 1/25 1989 Corvette Convertible

Continuing with my toe-in-the-water with model cars, I got this recently;

This will be an ongoing project in between all the other stuff I’m currently building (nothing new there then). I thought I would take a look in the box to see what I was letting myself in for as I know AMT kits were not brilliant moulding quality-wise but oh dear oh dear oh dear….

Straight away you can see the ‘A’ pillar is broken on one side, not a great start and this will need to be drilled and pinned to give the joint some strength.

Moving on…

That was just the body parts so no doubt the rest of the kit will require a good clean-up. The chrome plating on some parts will be stripped off using caustic soda as these will also require cleaning up after removing from the sprue as that will damage the chrome anyway.

To be honest it was cheap from Ebay so if it does go horribly wrong it’s not a huge loss plus it gives me practice in car paint finishing.

Published by andyk21

I've been a modelmaker for a verrry long time and still show no signs of growing out of it after 48 years. I mainly build tanks, aircraft and paint figures but generally do whatever takes my fancy whether it's historical, Science-fiction, a 'what-if' or because it has pretty colours and looks nice. I'm hoping that you find my blog interesting and useful, particularly if building a model that I have built and documented here.

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