Airfix 1/32 Beach Buggy

YAY I finally finished it today! Not a bad little model just for something different to build but it’s time to get back to the regular stuff. Although the kit comes with two figures I’ve left them out as I need to move on with other stuff. For a tooling that dates from 1971 theContinue reading “Airfix 1/32 Beach Buggy”

Arma Hobby 1/72 FM-2 Wildcat

I’m still not feeling it for model-making at the moment although I did spray the body of the Airfix Beach Buggy last week, however a Facebook page I follow called The Interesting Modelling Company recently featured kits from Arma Hobby and they thought it would be a good idea to have a ‘Arma April’ groupContinue reading “Arma Hobby 1/72 FM-2 Wildcat”

Airfix 1/32 Beach Buggy

That’s pretty much it for the build with only the transparencies to take care of; I added brake lines and battery cables just because I could; As to whether the brake lines actually look like that I don’t really know and I don’t really care, it’s just to add some visual interest. I extended theContinue reading “Airfix 1/32 Beach Buggy”

Airfix 1/32 Beach Buggy

After a couple of hours work this afternoon and replacing the exhaust pipe that was launched into the ether I’ve built the engine and rear chassis; The suspension struts like the one in the picture are very toy-like so I may replace them with scratch-made ones. I may add some wiring to the battery andContinue reading “Airfix 1/32 Beach Buggy”

Airfix 1/32 Beach Buggy

Due to recent world events, I haven’t been feeling it for model making for the past week or so plus the last time I sat at the bench I managed to make a mess of the Italeri M-24 Chaffee by being too clever. I tried drilling out the lightening holes on the rear idlers andContinue reading “Airfix 1/32 Beach Buggy”


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