Italeri 1/35 T-34/85 ‘Korean War’

I’ve started the upper hull and the first thing I noticed were the grills on the top of the engine deck as the two top ones are quite chunky and the two side ones are solid. As there is no etched set available for this kit I was going to use the grills from aContinue reading “Italeri 1/35 T-34/85 ‘Korean War’”

ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)

The fuselage has been closed up and it went together better after trimming the sides of the front firewall, wheel and engine bays. Also I remembered to add 10 grams of lead to the front and just about managed to squeeze it all in as there is not much room, I even added some behindContinue reading “ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)”

Italeri 1/35 T-34/85 ‘Korean War’

Soooooo…..I got this kit yesterday and was planning on starting it after the ICM 1/48 O-2A was finished but after filling in some gaps on the fuselage and waiting for it to set I made a start on the T34/85; The excuse this time is that there was a time gap with the O-2 plusContinue reading “Italeri 1/35 T-34/85 ‘Korean War’”

ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)

OK so I said there would be no more updates on this until it is built but I thought some folk may like to see the cockpit before I close it up; I just need to add some seat belts then I can glue the fuselage together. The only additions here so far are theContinue reading “ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)”

Another new arrival at King Towers

Just arrived direct from Italeri is this 1/35 T-34/85 ‘Korean War’; At first I was pretty skeptical as I thought it would be a re-box of an elderly Esci kit or some other, however after checking the Scalemates website it is indeed a newly tooled model and on first look it seems pretty good. TheContinue reading “Another new arrival at King Towers”

ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)

I’ve added some detail to the interior such as the obvious bits like the throttle, flaps and undercarriage levers, some rectangular box on the side of centre console of the instrument panel and the ballistic padding. Also I filled in the holes in the floor for the co-pilot’s seat as it should be further back.Continue reading “ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)”

ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)

I’ve just made a start on the O-2 as this will be a build review for The Modelling News. So far I have the main cockpit bits together and they just need painting. First I will add the ballistic padded material that is seen on interior pics of the O-2A and for this I willContinue reading “ICM 1/48 O-2A (late production)”

Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole

I’ve cast the resin inserts for the back of the wheels and glued them in place along with 6.3mm dia tube to beef up the axles; These are not ‘professional’ by any standard but they are good enough for me and once I’ve attended to a couple of issues on the drill body, I canContinue reading “Thunderbirds 1/72 Mole”


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