Tasca 1/35 Luchs (late)

Sooooo….although I was going to start decalling the Tamiya Jagermeister Porsche tonight I got side tracked by the Tasca Luchs (typically) and finished sticking bits to the turret and assembled the white metal drive sprockets; The main gun requires sanding at the rear as it is too big and why it is not fitted. TheContinue reading “Tasca 1/35 Luchs (late)”

Things you find when looking for something else (part 2 of an ongoing series)

Looking through the stash for something else (again!) I found this Tasca 1/35 Luchs that I had started a few years ago; Apart from the last few bits to stick on the turret I had virtually completed building the kit when I lost interest and put it to one side. I think at the timeContinue reading “Things you find when looking for something else (part 2 of an ongoing series)”

Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28D-2

After touching up a couple of areas, the model got a light overspray of a very thinned basecoat; Looking at the two photo’s there doesn’t seem to be much difference after overspraying but there is. All I need to do now is paint the anti-glare panel on the nose, the leading edges of the wingsContinue reading “Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28D-2”

Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28D-2

After a LOT of masking, I was finally able to get the camouflage scheme sprayed using Hataka C149 Concrete Grey (RAL7023) and C192 Basalt Grey (RAL7012). These are from the Orange Line lacquer range as I find they spray better than their acrylics. The two colours need lightening up a bit as they are quiteContinue reading “Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28D-2”

Tamiya 1/24 Porsche Jagermeister and Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28D-2

A bit of a contrast on the bench today and after stripping the paint off the Porsche body shell a week or so ago, it was re-primed with automotive primer, re-sprayed with Tamiya TS-12 and that is the best finish I’m likely to achieve so I will get on with applying the decals and thenContinue reading “Tamiya 1/24 Porsche Jagermeister and Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28D-2”

Latest arrivals to Andy’s Model Blog

Amongst other kits that have turned up recently (because online shopping is far too easy) I received this today from a well known auction site; I had a quick look at the parts but almost immediately the quality and detail REALLY stood out for me and although this is the ‘Weekend’ edition without all theContinue reading “Latest arrivals to Andy’s Model Blog”

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