Tamiya 1/24 Porsche 934 Jagermeister

Calling it done!

This has been my first model car in a lonnnnng time and it has been an ‘interesting’ experience to say the least and a subject well out of my comfort zone. I did learn a few things (apart from keep away from model cars) so it has been worth while but I won’t be rushing to make another car soon.
Regarding the model I was not really satisfied with the paint finish as the last coat of varnish ended up giving the model an ‘orange-peel’ texture in a couple of areas but it just got to a point where I wanted the model finished so that I could move on with something else. I was going to spray the window frames and seals but was afraid of putting masking tape over the decals in case it lifted them off the model so ended up brush painting them with Vallejo black as the Tamiya paint pen I originally started with just left a rough texture.
As stated in a previous post I used a Reji Model decal sheet as Tamiya missed a couple of sponsor logo’s (such as the Dunlop ones) however this sheet is for a Porsche 934 that took part in the 1978 Le Mans 24 Hour race. The main differences are that the fuel filler inlet on the bonnet (or hood) should have a cap over it and the front wheels should have a conical shaped vent in each one. I have an idea on how to do this but will leave it for another time as I really want to move on.
The kit itself was a bit disappointing as it felt very simplified especially with the lack of inner wheel arches plus the etch grills for the front are far too big and although I cut them down, the centre panel lost all of its integrity and is a very poor fit on the model. At least I have them in the correct place as Tamiya instruct you to put them at the back of the openings. Although Tamiya state that the model is a ‘new-tool’ I believe most of it still dates back to the original motorised version fom the 1970’s, evidenced by the large oval holes where the rear axles fit into the transmission and hugely simplified engine.
Anyway it is now done and I’ll be back to my regular subjects!

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I've been a modelmaker for a verrry long time and still show no signs of growing out of it after 48 years. I mainly build tanks, aircraft and paint figures but generally do whatever takes my fancy whether it's historical, Science-fiction, a 'what-if' or because it has pretty colours and looks nice. I'm hoping that you find my blog interesting and useful, particularly if building a model that I have built and documented here.

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