Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28D-2

I spent a few hours on this today trying to make some progress on it. Having glued the new resin engine fronts onto the nacelles last weekend I sanded down the filler that was needed and removed what little detail there was. The ribbing on the cowlings was replaced with heat-stretched sprue plus various shapesContinue reading “Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28D-2”

ICM 1/35 Model T Ambulance 1917 (early)

With the model painted and decalled I’m making a start on the weathering with a dark brown wash applied first to make the detail stand out and to start giving it a grubby appearance. When the wash has dried I’ll give the model a coat of matt varnish then hopefully get it finished soon. FirstContinue reading “ICM 1/35 Model T Ambulance 1917 (early)”

Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28D-2

While in between projects like the Model T Ambulance I finished off an engine front for the Dornier Do28. Although Matchbox (who moulded this kit originally back in the 70’s) made a fair attempt of the engine front for the time, unfortunately they got it 180 degrees out. Also the bottom lip of the frontContinue reading “Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28D-2”

Zvezda 1/72 C-130H

I’ve been thinking about how to make the Flightpath MC-130H resin nose fit the Zvezda fuselage as in the previous post I showed the difference in width between the two. In the end I decided to cut the resin nose in half and instead of using a razor saw, I used a woodworking saw asContinue reading “Zvezda 1/72 C-130H”

Italeri 1/72 Lockheed MC-130

I posted a piece a couple of months ago about how I was thinking of renovating the model after I had abandoned the project some years earlier. It had been stored in the loft where I used to live and my son brought it round on one of his visits. Since then Zvezda announced aContinue reading “Italeri 1/72 Lockheed MC-130”

ICM 1/35 Model T Ambulance 1917 (early)

I managed to spray the model today but instead of using Tamiya XF-25 as stated in the instructions, I sprayed it with XF-18 Intermediate Blue. I added a bit of XF-2 White and sprayed in between the panels to give some contrast. Hopefully later on when I’ve got dinner out of the way I’ll giveContinue reading “ICM 1/35 Model T Ambulance 1917 (early)”

Fujimi and Hobbyboss 1/72 A-7 Corsair II’s

I’m calling these two done; I know the Hobbyboss A-7’s get a real kicking by other modellers due to dimensional and shape issues and the A-7K is no exception, however the biggest improvements you can make to the actual LOOK of the model is to alter the air intake and rear exhaust as described inContinue reading “Fujimi and Hobbyboss 1/72 A-7 Corsair II’s”

Fujimi and Hobbyboss 1/72 A-7 Corsair II’s

I’m waiting on paint so that I can finish the ICM Ambulance so I took the masking tape off the canopies on both A-7’s. The Fujimi one was OK but the Hobbyboss two seater has a lot of particles stuck to the inside; Not sure where all that crap has come from as I’m prettyContinue reading “Fujimi and Hobbyboss 1/72 A-7 Corsair II’s”

ICM 1/35 Model T Ambulance 1917 (early)

There we have it! All done and waiting to be painted after masking the clear parts; You can read how it went together on The Modelling News but generally it was relatively trouble-free, an enjoyable build and something a bit different for me. ICM really are doing some great kits these days and not yourContinue reading “ICM 1/35 Model T Ambulance 1917 (early)”

ICM 1/35 Model T 1917 Ambulance (early)

I’m nearly done with the build; The kit has been virtually built over a weekend and it probably helped that apart from tweaking the steering assembly and adding copper handles either side of the bonnet, this has been straight out of the box with no added aftermarket. What you see is what you get! TheContinue reading “ICM 1/35 Model T 1917 Ambulance (early)”


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