Revell 1/72 Dornier Do28

What is it with me and donkey’s years old kits? Although it is in a Revell box, do not be fooled as this is the old Matchbox kit from around 1974 and it really is showing its age. However if you want (like me) a Dornier 28 in your collection then this is the only game in town and you are going to have to work for it.

For some obscure reason I do like this aircraft but never felt I had the necessary skills to bring it up to todays standards. I already had a decal sheet from Ha-Hen that I bought a couple of years ago but it was only earlier this year I found the kit on Ebay and decided to give it a go as it felt the time was right.

A lot of the model is simplified as per typical 1970’s production standards but it does provide a base for extra work;

I did make engine air intakes from scratch and made a mould when I was messing about making resin bits for my A-7 Corsairs so that’s a start at least;

The one on the right is the master

There is a web page I found a while back (luckily it’s still available) that details what that particular modeller did for his Dornier and I’ll post it here as it is very useful.

The main things that stand out as desperate for replacement are the engine air intakes, engine exhausts underneath and engine fronts as the moulded detail is too shallow and opposite to what it should be anyway so that will be coming out and replaced. Also the bottom lip of the engine cowling is too narrow and needs beefing up. When done I may make a mould of those too in case I’m stupid enough to want to build another. I also need to hack out a section of the starboard leading edge and fit a landing light, I’ll probably use a piece of a clear plastic toothbrush for that and sand it to shape.

This won’t be a quick project as it does involve a fair bit of scratchbuilding and there are ZERO aftermarket parts available so I’ll be coming back to it in between other projects. Speaking of old kits I have a Heller 1/72 Junker Ju-52 on the way and from what I remember MANY years ago it wasn’t THAT bad a kit, however 30 years on it may be a different experience.

By the way here’s the link to that web page;

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