The Nimrod by Martyn Chorlton

I received this book today and having just read through it, if you have any interest in the Nimrod then it is very much worth getting as the book chronicles the concept, development and service life until it was finally withdrawn from service in 2011.

Also included are chapters of the Nimrod R.1 ‘spyplane’ that the government denied existed at the time and about the fiasco of the Nimrod AEW that the UK government at the time thought would be better than the US built E-3A AWACS (which the RAF wanted in the first place). Ten years and £10 billion later the government scrapped Nimrod AEW and bought the E-3 AWACS instead. Another chapter tells the same sorry tale for a replacement maritime patrol aircraft which eventually became an up-graded Nimrod (the MRA.4), only to be scrapped (after spending £4 billion on the project) and like the AEW version never to see service leaving a nine year gap of an island nation having ZERO maritime patrol aircraft (aaaaaand BREATHE Andy).

Going back to the R.1 spyplane, I remember visiting RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire back in 1990 for the 40th anniversary of the Canberra and while there I asked the Flight Lieutenant showing me around “where’s the Nimrods then?” as they were based at Wyton at the time. He responded with “they are….elsewhere”. I’m surprised they didn’t kick me out there and then!

The book is very well illustrated with lots of colour pics (including two from yours truly on page 84) plus b&w images.

The book is published by Amberley and the ISBN is 978-1-4456-9804-5. Retail price in the UK is £14.99.

Well worth getting for Nimrod fans as well as those with an interest in military aviation.

My two photos’ on page 84
Nimrod test-firing a Sidewinder missile in 1982 and worth buying the book for this chapter alone.

I have to say that I am incredibly proud to see a couple of my photos’ in the book which really lightened the past couple of really crappy days.

Many many thanks to Martyn Chorlton for graciously sending a copy.

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