Miniart 1/35 T-55A Mod 1965 finished

After building the model for The Modelling News a year or so ago I’ve finally got around to finishing it today so here you go; I still think this is one of the best T-55’s available. It’s not without a couple of issues which I covered in my build review for The Modelling News ;Continue reading “Miniart 1/35 T-55A Mod 1965 finished”

Life Miniatures German King Tiger commander finished.

After nearly three years I decided to get this one done so here it is; I can’t say I’m that happy with it but I did learn a few things along the way and at least it’s finished. Apart from the basecoat of Games Workshop Chaos Black the bust was painted entirely with Vallejo acrylics.Continue reading “Life Miniatures German King Tiger commander finished.”


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