Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang

The fuselage has been closed up and I can now get on with the rest of the build. Airfix have done the tail as a separate assembly which is odd however if you look carefully they have moulded in an offset to port so maybe that’s why they did it. Anyway dry fitting the tailContinue reading “Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang”

Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang

Just a quick update to the Airfix P-51 cockpit. I resprayed the Eduard coloured etch first and using a paint brush moistened with Tamiya thinner wiped the green paint off the placards. I lightened the mix with some yellow and sprayed in between the panels to add some interest then oversprayed the entire cockpit with AKContinue reading “Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang”

Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang

Just a small update as I’ve been concentrating on the cockpit. I’ve been using an Eduard Zoom set for this and it is a pre-coloured one so most of the bits have been added after painting the cockpit colour…trouble is I hadn’t given a thought to the fact it was a pre-coloured set and realisedContinue reading “Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang”

Circle cutter review

I received a new circle cutter that I saw advertised by Uschi Van Der Rosten recently. It was claimed that it could cut circles down to 1.5mm so I bought one just to see if that claim held up.I do have an Olfa compass cutter that I bought years ago but the cutting diameter isContinue reading “Circle cutter review”

Takom Leopard C2

While I’m in the mood for finishing stuff I applied a dark brown wash over the model a few days ago and today I painted the tools and ice cleats on the front glacis plate with Vallejo black and the canvas mantlet cover with Vallejo English Uniform.Tonight I sprayed the model with Winsor and NewtonContinue reading “Takom Leopard C2”

Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I finished

The first one for 2018 (yes I did start it last year but…). Not a quick build as the wing roots on my example were a shocking fit but altogether it looks the part and it’s quite nicely detailed. Aftermarket goodies were limited to an Eduard Zoom set for the interior, HGW seatbelts and EduardContinue reading “Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I finished”

Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I

Time to get this one finished as it’s been hanging around for long enough; I sprayed the exhaust staining starting with a very thinned Tamiya X-19 Smoke then a thin coat of light grey was sprayed in the middle, after this the model was sprayed all over with matt varnish. The undercarriage door interiors andContinue reading “Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I”


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