E-75 tank destroyer and stuff I’ve finished this year

This will be my final post for the year and the Hurricane, Leopard, E-75 tank destroyer and ZiL-131 all are still on the bench as although I was hoping to finish at least one of them, the illness I had earlier this month came back and I’ve spent the Xmas holiday recovering.Anyway this weekend I’llContinue reading “E-75 tank destroyer and stuff I’ve finished this year”

E-75 tank destroyer

I’ve been away from the bench for a week or so due to illness but because I’m feeling better I decided to make some progress on the E-75 tank destroyer. Like the E-50 Heimdall I built earlier this year I’ve decided to add the armour plating over the engine grills that were found on late-warContinue reading “E-75 tank destroyer”


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