1946 Flak bunker

You may recall I built a ‘1946/ what-if/ paper panzer’ of a radar turret on top of a Trumpeter E-50 chassis a while back. Anyway the base kit was the flak-panzer version and with using the Paper Panzer Productions Heimdall turret this meant the kit item was destined to go in the spares box, howeverContinue reading “1946 Flak bunker”

A productive couple of days!

I’ve had some time at the bench the past two days and managed to get a couple of projects moved on a bit more. Starting out with the neglected zombie figure and bike rider I undercoated the figures and bike yesterday; Today the fuel tank and mudguards on the bike were painted, the Revell kitContinue reading “A productive couple of days!”

Life Miniatures tank commander bust

After cleaning the parts in warm soapy water and priming with Games Workshop Chaos Black I applied the basecoat of Vallejo Cork Brown (70843/133). I actually airbrushed it on as previously trying to spray Vallejo has been problematical however this time after a good tip off I thinned the paint with Vallejos’ Airbrush Thinner andContinue reading “Life Miniatures tank commander bust”


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