Accurate Armour Humber Scout Car

Here’s a couple of shots that show how the machine gun mount goes together as the instructions are terrible; And that’s as far as this particular model is going as I’m thoroughly bored with it. The instructions are dreadful and I’ve spent far too much time studying other builds of this kit online just toContinue reading “Accurate Armour Humber Scout Car”

Paper Panzer Productions (part 2)

As well as the Heimdall turret I ordered a set of wheels for the E-50 (PPP35003) as the Trumpeter ones are not brilliant plus new exhausts (PPP35002);  Although the set is aimed at the E-50 and E-75 the exhausts can be used on King Tigers as well (apart from the flammenwerfer bits).Paper Panzer Productions areContinue reading “Paper Panzer Productions (part 2)”

Paper Panzer Productions

I’ve been naughty again! In recent months Paper Panzer Productions had announced PPP35025 Radar und KDO040 Turm Heimdall (turret) to fit the E-50 or E-75 chassis and seeing it made we want to build a ‘what-if’ again. Last week the set was finally released and by Friday it was in my possession along with aContinue reading “Paper Panzer Productions”

Accurate Armour Humber Scout Car

I got this when it was recently re-released by Accurate Armour so because it’s only little I’ve decided to put it together. Not as easy as you think as the instructions are pretty naff as to where things go so if you are attempting to build this as well here’s some photographs of the buildContinue reading “Accurate Armour Humber Scout Car”

Dragon Fokker E.V/ D.VIII

I’ve now completely covered the wing in Uschi Van Der Rosten woodgrain decal and after cleaning up the excess the wing will be coated with matt varnish, when dry I shall attempt the streaky camouflage colours on the top and bottom using oil paint. Obviously these will take ages to dry so in the meantimeContinue reading “Dragon Fokker E.V/ D.VIII”


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