Airfix C-47; Priming the thing

As I predicted in the earlier post the wing roots look a mess after priming the model so I’m going to have to think about how to rectify them without destroying the surface detail; Fortunately the fuselage joints are better;  The favourite solution (at the moment) is to mask off the wings and fuselage butContinue reading “Airfix C-47; Priming the thing”

Airfix C-47; Build complete!

A big update tonight as I was without any internet for two days (the horror) then back in work.First of all I masked the fuselage and cabin windows and windscreen before I glued them into place then Tamiya masking tape was applied to the glazing; Then using a sharpened cocktail stick the tape was workedContinue reading “Airfix C-47; Build complete!”


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