Airfix C-47; It’s exhausting work!

Just a small update as the rudder now fits better and I took the opportunity to save myself some money on aftermarket exhausts by drilling out the kit supplied ones. Approximately 10 minutes work with a drill and dentists burrs and here you are; The model is actually near completion as the undercarriage is nextContinue reading “Airfix C-47; It’s exhausting work!”

Trumpeter E-25; Painting complete.

While I’m on a roll I added to the camo scheme by spraying dots of all three colours used; It still looks fairly hideous but I’m hoping the weathering will turn it down from 11.Tonight I’ll add some decals from units that would have used Jagdpanzers and some numbers just to make it look half-decent.

Trumpeter E-25; Back on it

Well I’ve put all my toys back in the pram after a couple of days away from the bench and the last bout of modelling frustration and re-sprayed the E-25. As posted earlier I was having problems spraying the new Ammo paints by Mig which could have been down to my idea of using TamiyaContinue reading “Trumpeter E-25; Back on it”

Trumpeter E-25 painted

As it’s a ‘what-if, paper panzer etc’ I can pretty much do what the hell I like with this so today I tried some paints from the Mig Productions set ‘Late German Camouflages’, colours that were allegedly used in 1944-45.All I have to say is that there are some ‘interesting ‘ shades of paint; TalkContinue reading “Trumpeter E-25 painted”

Trumpeter E-25; paint is on

I’ve managed to get some time at the bench today so I touched up the black undercoat then sprayed the base coat; I’ve used Tamiya XF-78 Wooden Deck Tan for a basecoat as it more or less matches the German Dunkelgelb which was used in the later stages of WW2 plus it will darken withContinue reading “Trumpeter E-25; paint is on”

Airix C-47; Milliput-not just for gir…erm… figure modellers :o)

Before the lower wings were fixed into place I glued a length of 4mm square styrene inside between the top and bottom joints to give extra strength and prevent any flexing of the wing roots. Once everything had set firmly Milliput epoxy putty (I use the white stuff) was mixed together, rolled into a ‘sausage’Continue reading “Airix C-47; Milliput-not just for gir…erm… figure modellers :o)”

Airfix C-47; wings glued together

I glued the lower wings today but after a dry fit of parts there were a couple of minor issues to deal with before they would join together properly. The first one is the raised locating strips on the insides of the wings near the landing light as this prevented a good join, once removedContinue reading “Airfix C-47; wings glued together”

Airfix C-47; Winging it

To cover the gap between the wings and wing-roots I’ve glued a strip of sheet styrene on the inside edge of the wing-roots then glued the upper wings in place, making sure they were glued to the styrene strip as well.The idea is to use Milliput rather than body filler as I can shape itContinue reading “Airfix C-47; Winging it”


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