Airfix C-47; Putting the wings on…sort of.

While the fuselage was drying I thought I would begin fixing the wings. The lower fuselage and wing section was glued into place although the fit at the front was’nt brilliant and had to be shimmed to avoid a step between the forward lower fuselage and wing.There are inserts for the wing roots and it’sContinue reading “Airfix C-47; Putting the wings on…sort of.”

Airfix C-47 fuselage buttoned up

The cockpit has been painted and although it does’nt look much it will be adequate for what you can see through the cabin windows. Now that’s done I glued the fuselage halves together so once it’s set I can clean it up. I tend to use Humbrol Liquid Poly for this as I want theContinue reading “Airfix C-47 fuselage buttoned up”

Airfix C-47 progress

I just can’t help myself! So much for an OOB build LOL :oDThe engines were missing the con rods so I added them using copper fuse wire and after taping the fuselage together and seeing what could be visible in the cockpit I added some throttle levers and seat belts but THAT’S IT! I mightContinue reading “Airfix C-47 progress”

Airfix C-47 OOB build

The interior has been glued together and the only detail the cockpit will receive is seat belts made from masking tape then it will be painted black, using interior green for the cockpit. Al the doors will be shut on this one.The engines in the kit have triggered the MOCD (Modelling Obsessive Compulsion Disorder) asContinue reading “Airfix C-47 OOB build”

I tidied my work bench today….

After finishing the SS-23 and the E-25 ready for painting I thought I would tidy the bench and take a few months away from modelling…well that did’nt last long :o) It’s the new-tool 1/72 Airfix C-47 that I pulled this out of the stash tonight as I was inspired by a photo I took lastContinue reading “I tidied my work bench today….”

SS-23; Weathering started

Well once again this thing is fighting me and probably will to the bitter end, this time its the weathering. I’m trying to use washes and effects but these have all left tide-marks so I’m going ‘old school’ with the use of pastel chalks and spraying the dust on with Tamiya XF-57 Buff then usingContinue reading “SS-23; Weathering started”


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