SS-23; The windows are out again

Ok this may look a little drastic but I have a cunning plan. Honestly the windows have been a ‘mare’ and the damned thing is dangerously close to being launched out of the house BUT I’ve an idea how to make them look pretty once again, unless I just board them up like the realContinue reading “SS-23; The windows are out again”

SS-23; Back to the day job

I’ve hit a major problem. You may remember I replaced the front windows as the kit ones were crap however it’s only at the undercoat stage have I noticed that underneath the left window the beading is missing (it must have been during the window fitting).Anyway I’m having to think of how to replace it.Continue reading “SS-23; Back to the day job”

Masterbox zombies (pt 5)

The figures are more or less built, I still have to add the coat tails from Magic Sculpt to the rider but it gives an idea of what I’ve done so far; The rider figure took some chopping to get the ‘sit’ right as it was looking down toward the ground so there’s a fewContinue reading “Masterbox zombies (pt 5)”

Masterbox Zombies (pt4)

I’ve got this far with the bike and rider figure;  And this is what one of the heads of a zombie looks like before and after;                                                                          (Before)                                                                            (After) The plastic Masterbox has used is pretty soft and hard to work with but I think what I have done so far improves the facial features.Continue reading “Masterbox Zombies (pt4)”


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