Masterbox Zombies (part 3)

So this is what the spokes looked like (rear wheel); And what they look like now (front wheel); It’s not perfect but the spokes look a hell of a lot better (in my humble opinion). There is an etch set available for this kit but it’s from the far east (Voyager) and it would takeContinue reading “Masterbox Zombies (part 3)”

Something different.

I picked up this set of Masterbox figures as the concept intrigued me; But opening the box the faces on the zombies were not exactly expressions of ‘scary, angry and likely to rip your face off’ monsters but more like slightly miffed with a hint of tetchiness. Also it would have been nice if MasterboxContinue reading “Something different.”

SS-23- The Official photograph :o)

Just a teaser today as the next pics you see will be of the finished model. After the photo session the model is off for a wash and a scrub (and probably pinging photo-etch bits off left, right and centre), left to dry for a couple of days then into the paint shop. How’s thatContinue reading “SS-23- The Official photograph :o)”

SS-23…Construction complete!

I’ve bloody well done it! It’s only a record shot but I just HAD to share this one as this thing has been on the bench since May 2014. I never thought I would get this far as it has been a ‘challenging’ build to say the least and many times I’ve just wanted toContinue reading “SS-23…Construction complete!”

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