Figure painting practice

I picked up these 200mm heads from Mitches Military Models at the Crewe model show (22nd Feb) for a fiver as I thought they would be ideal for practising face painting without buggering up an expensive figure; I also picked up this; When I get a bit of time I shall have a play withContinue reading “Figure painting practice”

SS-23 etchy bits….ZzzzzzZZZZZzzzz

This bit is slow going as not only do I have to attach each tread plate separately it’s essential that every part is aligned, also every horizontal plate has to be cut down by 1.5mm as they are too long.It’s taken a fair few hours to get to this point and I still have theContinue reading “SS-23 etchy bits….ZzzzzzZZZZZzzzz”

After all the excitement of finishing the T-90….

It’s back to the SS-23…yippee….. At the moment I’m adding all the etch bits but it’s around 3am (UK time) and my eyes are starting to hurt so I think that’s enough for now.The Hold n Fold has been invaluable for this job as it would have been very difficult to get accurate bends inContinue reading “After all the excitement of finishing the T-90….”


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