Scale Model World, Telford 2013

Well that’s another show done and the final one of the year (for me anyway). As usual it was great to meet up with old friends but also to make new ones and be able to spend a bit of time chatting with some of my model making heroes such as Franck Oudin, Akos Szabo,Continue reading “Scale Model World, Telford 2013”

T-26….will it be finished for SMW at Telford? (part 2)

Pfffffft of COURSE it will! In fact here ya go; I was aiming for a dusty rather than the ‘caked in mud’ look to it due to the model depicting a machine from the Spanish Civil War. I THINK I have achieved that but what the hell, I quite like the way it’s turned outContinue reading “T-26….will it be finished for SMW at Telford? (part 2)”

T-26….will it be finished for SMW at Telford?

Seeing that the show is exactly one week away at the time of writing I’m throwing various weathering products at it BUT instead of building up layers of mud I want a more dusty appearance, due to the fact it’s a Spanish Civil War example so we’ll see what it looks like.Will it be finishedContinue reading “T-26….will it be finished for SMW at Telford?”

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