A good discovery

I’ve just matted down the T-26 and for this I used Winsor and Newton acrylic matt varnish from their Galeria range. Now I’ve been using distilled water to thin the stuff and getting mixed results such as it drying patchy or getting ‘spiders legs’ when I sometimes get too close to the model or justContinue reading “A good discovery”

Reworking a halftrack

Acutely aware that I’ve got bugger all new to put on show at Telford I remembered this model I did a couple of years ago, Dragons’ Sd.Kfz 251/21D. Looking at the model it’s not THAT bad but it needs some tweaking SO I’ve decided to add more weathering to jazz it up a bit. AnywayContinue reading “Reworking a halftrack”

Meanwhile back to the T-26…

I’ve masked off the areas ready for the Nationalist markings on this model and as white is on the turret top I’ll spray it on the turret and hull sides for the red and yellow stripes as it will act as an undercoat. Hobbyboss only supply decals for the hull sides and it will beContinue reading “Meanwhile back to the T-26…”

British Hussar update

Painting figures like this can be a challenge, mainly due to the fine uniform details and this one is no exception. I looked at various tutorials about painting gold wthout actually using gold paint but they went straight over my head so I’ve decided to use gold oil paint.I was’nt sure how to go aboutContinue reading “British Hussar update”


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