Compressor is fixed

With thanks to the lovely people at I have fixed my compressor. The problem was indeed a faulty Auto Pressure Stop Sensor and a replacement arrived a day after I ordered a new one. Outstanding! I now have air :o)The next job is to fit an external air tank so that as well asContinue reading “Compressor is fixed”

Paint spraying woes part 2

You may remember (or not) my problems with spraying paint and matt varnishes due to the cold and damp in the house, due to the burst water pipe under the house WELL just to add insult to injury my compressor has just died.I think the problem is with the Air Pressure Auto Stop switch asContinue reading “Paint spraying woes part 2”

Scale Model World, Telford 10/11 Nov 2012

Well that was a great show! I’ve been going for a few years now but this years show was bigger than ever and accompanied with good friends made it very memorable. For me the highlight of the show was the Royal Navy Lynx HMA 8 (Serial Number ZD265) and being able to photograph it VERYContinue reading “Scale Model World, Telford 10/11 Nov 2012”


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